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Beginner Calisthenics Workout Plans and Advice

Beginner Calisthenics Workout Plans and Advice

So you are searching for a beginner calisthenics workout routine? In that case, you are on the right way to begin a sport which can help you to build bigger and toned muscles without even going to do gym. One of the greatest advantages of body-weight training is that you can do anywhere, anytime, and there are a lot of exercises you can choose from to strengthen your entire body Besides, it is a good strength training for all sort of sports, it supports with weight loss and it is a good start if you want to do bodybuilding in the future. If you are interested in calisthenics, I’m sure you have already seen many videos in which boys make amazing movements. But before you want to make a calisthenics exercises such as the human flag or one arm pull ups you need to be really strong at the basis.

What are the basic calisthenics exercises you will have to start with?

  • Various pull-ups – This workout is essential to strengthen your back and arms, and secondary muscles such as your abs and shoulders.
  • Pushups – This exercise will build your strong chest and triceps, and secondary muscles like shoulders.
  • Squats – To strengthen your legs.
  • Various dips – This workout is responsible to strengthen your whole upper-body.
  • Ab exercises – There are several body weight abdominal exercises. Having a strong core is crucial for calisthenics.

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