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Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Here we go! Street Workout Central Java and Jogja!

Tenang guys, ini baru pose setelah latihan, tunggu keseruan jamming dan coaching clinic nya ya! stay tune!

Gathering Street Workout Central Java and Yogyakarta

COACHING Clinic by Erfic Bachtiar ( Founder 0298 SW )

Selamat Sore Guys, kita mau sharing nih, tentang kegiatan keren yang baru saja diadakan oleh Team Street Workout di Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta, dan terima kasih juga kepada Gravity sebagai tuan rumah, mau tau lebih lanjut? stay tune ya.

Selasa, 07 Februari 2017

Girls Power! Check This Out, Mei Nurlita Hadi from Airlangga Calisthenics, college student and coach at Calisthenics Gym

Dalam dunia calisthenics, tidak ada perbedaan gender, ini dibuktikan oleh Mei Nurlita Hadi, penggiat calisthenics yang berasal dari Madiun,yang saat ini sedang kuliah di Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, saat ini dia adalah pengurus dari Team Streetworkout di kota Surabaya yakni Airlangga Calisthenics.
Disela-sela kesibukannya sebagai mahasiswi, Mei juga bekerja sebagai coach olahraga calisthenics di sebuah Gym Calisthenics di surabaya Selatan, kecintaannya terhadap olahraga ini membuatnya tetap menyempatkan diri untuk berlatih, serta berbagi ilmu tentang streetworkout/calisthenics.
Ingin mengetahui Mei lebih jauh? cek saja akun instagramnya di @meinurlita ya.

Bagaimana kawan? masih ingin bermalas2an?


Halo Penggiat Olahraga Street Workout Di Indonesia, masih rajin berlatih kan? SWID mau memberikan informasi perubahan peraturan nih guys, perubahan peraturan kompetisi dan regulasi untuk tahun 2017.
Buat yang mau tau perubahannya apa saja, langsung saja kunjungi website WSWCF ya guys, atau klik saja link berikut ini : www.wswcf.org  
Selamat Berlatih ya saudara Street Workout Indonesia. 

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

Worldpullupday - International Pull Up Event promote

Streetworkout Indonesia participate to the International Pull Up Event promote by  WSWCF


World is full of negative energy that is affecting our lives. We want to unite the world – all people without discrimination of their age, sex, nationality, race or religion – by helping them to unload their negative energy through exercising (pull-ups) and replacing it with positive emotions.
The Pull-Up exercise is good measurement of one’s physical condition, as the person uses only its body weight for exercising. It is a natural and non-injuring movement, which can be performed by people of all ages, both men and women. The advantage of the Pull-Up exercise lies in possibility to quickly exhaust the physical strength and unload the negative energy by substituting it with positive emotions for the work done.

We offer a combination of exercising pleasure and charitable action (purpose). In September 10 people all around the world will pull-up and at the same time will do good things by donating money or goods for a previously specified charity purpose within their country. Even if the person currently lacks possibility to donate, his participation itself will contribute to the scale of the event and thus will help to increase the recognition of the event among people, organizations and companies in future. The charity purposes may be different – to help disabled persons, children, animals, to build new or reconstruct existing sports grounds, where people can exercise and unload negative energy throughout the year.

Find the place where you can do Pull-Ups and the specified charity target of this place in a special Pull-Up point map , visit this place by yourself and your friends and family members and take part in the most global human strength and charity project in the world. You will also get to know how much Pull-Ups you can make, how much Pull-Ups your friends can make, how much Pull-Ups your country can make in comparison with others, as well as how much Pull-Ups the whole world can make within one day.

In case if you can’t find any Pull-Up Point in your city or country and you would like to organize one, for more details please contact us by writting to: info@worldpullupday.com


How many pull-ups can be done in one day worldwide? How many pull-ups can men and women of your country make? How many pull-ups can your family make? How many pull-ups can you do yourself? How many pull-ups will be your goal for the next World Pull-Up Day in 2016?


WORLD PULL-UP DAY event is a long term project planned to take place annually in every single country around the world. We will attract major general and local partners that will donate money for charity (in the amount linked to the number of pull-ups made) and will contribute towards making this event the largest strength and charity event globally.

WORLD PULL-UP DAY in 2014 is the first global event and thus will be the prolusion before setting the new Guinness World Record for “most people attempting pull-ups simultaneously within 24h” in 2016. We plan to beat the previous record every following year.

We see the WORLD PULL-UP DAY event as annual world’s sensation that will show how strong and united people can be worldwide. We believe that simple pull-ups can change the world to a better place to live!

Simple pull-ups once changed my life completely from negative to positive and they did the same to thousands of people around me after sharing this positive change. Now I believe that simple pull-ups can change, inspire and motivate for better everyone around the world” Maris Slezins Founder and chairman of the WSWCF

Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

SW JATIM Collaboration at Indosprtex 2016 (This Video created by Barwarriors West Sub) Felmon Tan Felmon Tan

SW JATIM Collaboration at Indosprtex 2016 (This Video created by Barwarriors West Sub) Collaboration between Barwarriors West Sub & Airlangga Calisthenics in #indosportex2016 Surabaya. This video created by BarwarriorsWestSub Street Workout community

Jumat, 04 Maret 2016

Ajang Kompetisi Nasional StreetWorkOut

Berikut ini adalah informasi terkini Ajang Kompetisi Nasional StreetWorkOut  yang akan diadakan di Jakarta (Pluit Village) pada tanggal 2 - 3 April 2016. Lebih jelasnya kategori kompetisi dapat dilihat pada pamflet berikut: